FREEDOMs Tatra 813 Kolos (Cross-RC DC8)

Ruimte voor onder andere 1/14 scale trucks etc.
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Re: FREEDOMs Tatra 813 Kolos (Cross-RC DC8)

Bericht door FREEDOM83 » 02 jan 2024 09:20

Some of the photos from this weekend, although there were a lot of crosses, we had so much fun that we forgot to take more photos.. hehehe

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TerpstraAJ (30 jan 2024 15:01)

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Re: FREEDOMs Tatra 813 Kolos (Cross-RC DC8)

Bericht door Jeeppeet » 19 jan 2024 12:05

I've been in a real one, about like this one, in the past, long time ago, up the dunes. What a monster, just pure muscle, did not complain about going uphill.. Think about it like just going and going and the dieselengine just doesnt give up :P
A bit like a heavy ship but in the sand.
That does give this little RC some boost in what it is like.
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FREEDOM83 (19 jan 2024 14:32)
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